After an Amazing breakthrough into the mainstream with the 2023 hit ‘Elon Musk’ and the drop of his Amapiano infused project ‘Presido Le Pluto’, Nigerian-Born Shallipopi has emerged in the scene as a star in his own right with music and electric performances that are out of this world. 

In this exclusive interview with viper just days before his highly-anticipated sold out Lit Lagos headline shows in London, We sat down with the rising star and Presido himself, to speak about being proud of his Nigerian heritage, Amapiano influences and his dream collab. Read on to learn more about who Shallipopi is…

How do you feel about your headline shows in London? How does it feel to be here?

It has been a total shock being here. The energy I am getting, I cannot wait!

What kind of vibe do you want to bring to these shows? 

Just energy now. I want to bring energy and fun. I want to bring vibes. So they can remember it and think “Oh Shallipopi’s show was FUN!” 

What is your favourite part about performing abroad? 

My favourite part about performing abroad is other races singing your song. Even if they do not understand the lyrics, they are feeling it. 

What was it like growing up in Nigeria in terms of culture and music?

Everybody was doing good, everybody was making Africa proud in the music industry in Nigeria. They were just doing their thing and everyone was doing their thing and trying to get the bag. 

Your Sounds are really inspired by a lot of Amapiano beats and sounds. How has Amapiano and that sound influenced you? 

The music I do is my type of music and it is my vibe. You have to keep reinventing yourself in this industry and bring something different every single time. 

What is the meaning of ‘Presidio La Pluto’ ? What is your connection to Pluto what is Pluto?

It means the president of Pluto now. It is just like having your own thing. Everyone has their own thing and for me I use Pluto as my own presentation. I am the president [laughs]. 

Why did you make this EP and this sound? 

The only thing that inspired me was the bag [laughs].

Jacket:  REVELATION-22 | Shorts: REVELATION-22 |Jumper: Ragged priest | Leather pants: Rick Owens | Shoes: Ahluwalia

The bag inspires you but deeper, What keeps you going and makes you want to keep doing music? 

It is part of who I am, everything I do, I use music. No matter what I talk about music, I am a music person and it is not just my music. I listen to other artists from other countries. I am just a fan of music so I do it in a fun way and not a serious way.

Do you have a Dream collaboration? 

[I have] no dream to collab with anyone. Maybe Drake!

What is next for you? What can we see next from you for the future?  

More music, new music and more vibes and [more] collaborations. 

What do you want people to feel with your sound? 

Music affects different people in different ways. So I am not saying what people will feel, people feel things in their own way. For example, one person playing Drake’s song will feel one type of way and another will feel another way. 

Where do you want to travel to next and perform? 

Maybe the US, like an outdoor venue, not like the O2, So even people that cannot buy ticket will sit outside and see you.

What does being a Nigerian artist mean to you, being able to represent your country? 

I feel the way anyone would feel now, there is no feeling behind it. You just know you are part of something. You talk about Wizkid, Burna, Rema… they dey add Shallipopi to the equation just because I came with my own sound. 

Photography: @eddiecheaba | Words: @kamonamusic | Photo Assistant :@becauseimgarry | Styling: @mode.nads | Creative Production: @artsbykay | BTS Photography : @wowthatskool | Styling Assistant: @jarlaestyles | Studio: Blankbox

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