For its latest seasonal campaign, côte&ciel heads to Milan to link up with the renowned art and movement directors Gabriele Rosati (@gabrielerosati_) and Luca Notarfrancesco (_not.luca_). Casting a unique lens on the brand’s Spring/Summer ‘24 collection, this editorial explores the conventional notions of fashion and movement.  

With a background in performative dance, Gabriele and Luca instil a surreal and emotive sense of movement into their visual content. The editorial contextualises the relationship between form and structure by capturing uncanny yet familiar body language. 

In the face of tradition, the editorial enlists dancers as opposed to models to capture their organic and unbiased movements rather than purely focusing on their aesthetics. By doing so, the images highlight the resulting shapes and textures of the côte&ciel bags, created by experimenting with the human form and its natural movement. 

Behind the visual aspect of the editorial lies côte&ciel’s core philosophy – bags designed to integrate with the body’s movement seamlessly. The editorial embodies the brand’s tagline, “Bags to wear, not to carry,” underscoring the symbiotic relationship between product and wearer. This is further reinforced in the form of the models carrying each other, creating a lighthearted and ironic feeling to the series without sacrificing its innate beauty and awe. 

Beyond aesthetics, the editorial explores themes of unity and connection; models interact in ways that defy gravity, create bridges and towers with their interconnected bodies, and use each other for balance and projection. Their attire further emphasises this sense of unity, with all models adorned in specially developed côte&ciel uniforms.

Focusing on its Spring/Summer ‘24 collection, the editorial features several integral styles from the range that are either additions to the côte&ciel universe or updated from past seasons. From backpacks designed for overseas travel and day-to-day commuting to body-contouring tote bags and crossbody bags that can be easily accessed. The ADDA, SANNA and ROUR appear in the ‘Sleek Black’ fabrication alongside the SARU and SORMONNE backpacks in ‘Sleek Blue’, while the ISARAU S and LADON arrive in a newly developed ‘Flemming Gold Rosé’ material. 

Image Credits: 

Art & Movement Direction: Gabriele Rosati @gabrielerosati_ / Luca Notarfrancesco @not.luca

Photographer: Gabriele Rosati @gabrielerosati_

Video Director: Luca Notarfrancesco @not.luca

Styling: Graeme Gaughan @graemegaughan

Set Design: Alberto Simoni @albertosimoni

Light & Digital: Shypholumex  @shypholumex

Sound Design: Jacopo Belochi @brillante_it

DOP: Lavinia Feliziani @laviniafeliziani

Models: Francesco Ayrton @francescoayrton / Giovanni @giovanniseck @persona_milano / Felice @felicepatti @persona_milano

1st Set Designer Assistant: Andrea Persichino @andrea_prso

Installation Team: Matteo Abbo @tres_bones / Pablo Stomeo @pablolavey

Production: Aspro @asprostudio.eu

Brand Creative: @joey.g123

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