GALLERY GALLERY is an international multi-faceted art house and content platform founded in 2023. On Thursday 29th February, GG hosted an evening of live art and entertainment in collaboration with G-Shock, showcasing some of the most exciting up and coming talent in the UK art space as they officially launched.

After seeing countless art and auction houses dilute influential moments within the history of art, GALLERY GALLERY aims to restore what they believe is culturally overlooked. By releasing art in a select and limited fashion, focus is placed on giving an opportunity to those who can’t ordinarily obtain these works. Artists will now have the chance to push their medium through an amazing, adaptive platform on a global scale, giving them an opportunity to tell their story. Forming a community around each piece is the backbone to GG’s mission, and as this grows collaboratively with their boundless innovative plans, there is certainly scope for an exponential takeover by the brand in 2024.

Held at the Shoreditch location of Dijonss, Gallery Gallery transformed the traditional white cube art space into an immersive experience, with five artists painting on blank canvases in front of a live audience. Championing the work of rising artists, GG called upon Navinder Nangla, Teoni Hinds, Amy Leung, Atlantic Johnson, and Kida Kudz to generate one of one pieces that demonstrated the signature style of each artist.

Moreover, several of the artists also helped to design one of a kind G-Shock watches, putting their own spin on a classic design. These consisted of designs from Nangla, Hinds, Leung, and Kida, as well as another design from Beau. There was also artwork on display from esteemed Nigerian artist Slawn, who designed last year’s Brit Award, as well as previously collaborating with Gallery Gallery by painting model and artist Rubi Rose in a homage to Keith Haring’s body painting of Grace Jones in 1984 – a moment that achieved viral success. The event also featured music from international DJ Jamo Beatz, as well as drinks provided by XIX Vodka.

The event displayed cultural significance by giving a plethora of artists from different backgrounds and cultures an opportunity to create avant-garde pieces in front of a discerning crowd. Gallery Gallery’s commitment to spotlighting flourishing talent in an unconventional space is demonstrative of their ambition as a company, while there is no doubt that they will continue to innovate for the rest of 2024 and beyond.

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