Renowned fashion powerhouses Baracuta and Mastermind have once again merged their creative forces to introduce an exclusive capsule collection that seamlessly combines timeless elegance with avant-garde originality. This collaboration serves as a triumphant continuation of their previous successful partnership in 2019, now elevated to a comprehensive and captivating full collection.

Established in 1997, Mastermind is dedicated to the principles of “Made in Japan,” incorporating Japanese materials, traditional techniques, and cutting-edge technology to create authentic garments distributed globally.

Just like Mastermind, British brand Baracuta takes pride in crafting its G9 in Baracuta Cloth, maintaining a “Made in the UK” ethos with skilled British artisans. This commitment to local production for its most iconic jacket remains central to the brand’s identity and customer satisfaction, defying the challenges of today’s global market and links the two brands even further.

The heart of the collection lies in the meticulous fusion of two iconic Baracuta styles – the legendary G4 and the iconic G9 – each reimagined with the distinctive touch of Mastermind. Featuring Baracuta’s signature Baracuta Cloth, the collection showcases the Mastermind G4 and G9 Jackets, complemented by the Mastermind G4 and G9 Trousers. Customisations such as specially designed zip closures and embroidered logos on the jackets demonstrate the attention to detail that defines this unique collaboration.

Beyond jackets and trousers, the Mastermind x Baracuta collection introduces standout pieces, including the Mastermind Bucket Hat, Mastermind Hoodie, and Mastermind T-Shirt. The oversized aesthetic, a trademark of this collaboration, infuses a contemporary flair into Baracuta’s classic sophistication.

Mastermind’s daring iconography seamlessly merges with Baracuta’s classic craftsmanship, resulting in a collection that is both bold and refined. More than a fashion statement, the Mastermind x Baracuta collaboration is an ode to diversity and a celebration of two brands pushing the boundaries of design.

The Mastermind x Baracuta capsule collection is scheduled to drop on 1st March 2024. www.baracuta.com | www.wpstore.it

  • Baracuta Store, Milan
  • WP Stores: Bologna and Florence
  • Mastermind Store
  • And other respected retailers

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