The SUSAN FANG FW24 series, named “Air Home,” calls for a tranquil and free sanctuary.

This season’s journey, starting from the depths of human hearts and imagination, envisions more fantastical possibilities. From the conflicts on Earth to the unknowns of the universe, we increasingly yearn for a peaceful home—a home constructed from different dimensions. It includes a human world filled with love and kindness, a spiritual world of nature, an eternal virtual realm, a serene sea, and a beehive. In this season, we transform into different life forms to seek that tranquil home.

In the SUSAN FANG 2024 FW collection, we continue to emphasize the brand’s craftsmanship. In addition to the familiar air-flower and air-smocking, this season introduces a new technique called air-whirl. Circular organza ribbons surround each other, resembling a coral sea bound together by mysterious forces, gathered around a tranquil island. Each wave of the air whirl is made up of different three-color gradient organza, creating a three-dimensional and dynamically colorful illusion. These hues represent the colors of homes in our memories or fantasies.

Inspired by the vibrant colors of nature, especially in the knitwear, we use a color palette inspired by marine life. Layers of colors wrap around the entire garment, with overlapping shades creating a striking effect, such as the combination of misty blue and pink, or the alternating shades of pink, lemon yellow, and light purple. Additionally, the brand’s iconic clover jacquard is incorporated into the knitwear, adding a touch of whimsy and craftsmanship to gradient and solid-colored knit pieces like oversized cardigans and apron-style long skirts.

This season also enhances the expression of down jackets. Using stitching techniques, the brand’s signature elements, stars, and clover hearts, are sewn onto down garments in different color combinations, creating the effect of ocean waves spreading outward. The yarn stitched on the down shawls symbolizes seahorse scales. Noteworthy are two shawls in different shades of pink, resembling cloud-like wings, adding a sense of whimsy and craftsmanship. Laser-cut pleats made from thin organza are incorporated into the stitching of one of the down shawls, making the stitching more playful and artistic. The silhouette of the down skirt also features the embellishment of these stitches, with the clover being composed of four hearts and a central diamond surrounded by hearts, symbolizing blessings to people and the world. With love in our hearts, luck and hope will come.

In collaboration with NIKE for the show, SUSAN FANG once again presents the fusion of human and nature. The designer incorporates several classic NIKE shoes into the collection, deconstructing and reinterpreting iconic footwear like Vomero 5, V2K, P-6000, and Air Max Scorpion FK on the runway. A total of 13 pairs showcase unique mixed silhouettes, using the designer’s signature 3D drawing technique. The transformed casual athletic footwear presents a “blooming step” with 3D black and white floral patterns adhering to the surface. The combination of 3D flowers and classic NIKE shoes reflects SUSAN FANG’s dreamy aesthetic, expressing admiration for the beauty of nature and the continuous longing for beauty and fantasy.

Butterflies Transform, Flourishing Amidst Wind and Flowers

Riding on Love, Soaring Together, the World Resonates

SUSAN FANG collaborates with Victoria’s Secret to officially unveil the Victoria’s Secret x SUSAN FANG collection, showcasing a line of intimates, sleepwear and outerwear that encapsulates the beautiful wishes of love and freedom. This collection invites the skin and body into a dreamy haven, allowing a harmonious coexistence with one’s inner self. In this series, SUSAN FANG, fueled by a profound admiration for nature and all living beings, utilizes the brand’s iconic styles to craft a diverse range of “secret realms” for Victoria’s Secret.

The collection includes Victoria’s Secret classic bralettes, panties, sleepwear sets, camisole sleep dresses, as well as specially designed slogan tees and outerwear. The predominant color palette, featuring hues of powder blue, white, and rainbow-like gradient prints, expresses the romance of femininity. Details such as the iconic bubble bead strand, represents a link between the wearer and their “secret realm,” transporting them into dreamlike floral world. Embroidery and lace intertwine throughout the collection, revealing patterns of hearts and butterflies on the second layer of skin, creating romantic details that unfold with each movement. In terms of accessories, we adhere to the theme of all living things in the natural world. For example, the honeycomb-shaped bags resemble the hives of bees, small and uniquely constructed homes for them. Some floral handbags resemble coral resting beneath the waves, while others simulate the effect of water ripples on the bag’s surface. Additionally, some bags feature a holographic effect inspired by sand. All these abstract intentions are brought to life using various 3D printing techniques, representing our practical approach to creating peaceful homes for different-dimensional beings in the real world. Regarding footwear, we adhere to sustainable development principles, producing reusable soles this season and creating different replaceable “shoe uppers” made from materials like yarn, printed mesh ribbons, etc., with classic beads interspersed on top.

About the Collaboration:

Victoria’s Secret x SUSAN FANG is a distinctive collaboration between renowned fashion brands, embodying the essence of love, freedom and dreamy aspirations while transcending boundaries and celebrating every woman’s inner self.


Show Director & Lighting Art Direction by Amy Chan Y.W.

Set Design by Tang Huilian & Feng Ruihua

Styling by Phoebe Lettice

Hair by Bumble and bumble in direction of Aaron

Skin Prep by Dr.Levy

Makeup by Grace Ellington

Special Thanks to Victoria’s Secret, Bumble and bumble,

Dr. Levy, Nike, Penhaligon’s and Chatime



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