Vans introduces “Old Meets Knu,” a tribute to timeless designs and storytelling that blend past, present and future. This celebration unites athletes and lifestyle curators across generations through the iconic Vans Sidestripe.

Old Meets Knu Release

Originally released in 1977, the Old Skool was the third skate shoe after the Vans Authentic and Era emerged as an icon in the worlds of skate, music and fashion. Pioneering the iconic Sidestripe, it became a wardrobe staple since its introduction. Today, the Old Skool has evolved through color and material updates as well as through styles adaptions across Vans’ collections.

Knu Skool: A Contemporary Twist on Tradition

The Vans Knu Skool, originally designed in 1997, reimagined the classic Old Skool for a new generation in the late ‘90’s. Influenced by skateboarding design, the Knu Skool takes on fresh colorways for the season. The style features modern restyling of the ‘90s silhouette and includes a puffed-up tongue and 3D Sidestripe, as well as chunky, oversized laces. The Knu Skool also features a sturdy suede upper for maximum wear.

Storytelling with Originators: Tony Alva, Breana Geering, Ed Templeton, Veneda Carter

For the first installment of the ‘Old Meets Knu’ campaign, Vans taps skateboarding legend Tony Alva and team rider, Breana Geering, who each represent the legacy and evolution of the Old Skool and Knu Skool. Both forever youthful, Alva and Geering are known for their irreverent spirit, original way of thinking. They are connected through a shared mindset and vision, two expressions from the same source.

To share their story, Vans partners with two iconic creatives that embody the “Off The Wall” mindset of free spirit and radical creativity. Renowned photographer, Ed Templeton, and stylist, Veneda Carter, are trailblazers pushing the creative boundaries of their respective fields. Templeton’s lens captures raw and authentic moments, while Carter’s styling prowess has redefined fashion norms. Together, they showcase their take on the “Old meets Knu” campaign, elevating the fusion of classic and contemporary.

These cultural leaders all inspire one another and define the future of Vans style, grounded in classic design. The Vans Knu Skool and the Old Skool Classic are available now at Vans retail locations and at Vans.co.uk.

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