Anyone who endures the morning commute knows that the slog is real . The routine: wake up, get dressed, public transport to work, repeat. Imagine this gut-wrenchingly monotonous routine post-return from a distant tropical retreat, where societal equalisation jolts back into focus.

This sobering realisation ignites SRVC’s autumn/winter 2024 collection—“Human Resource”—a sequel to the previous season’s virtual escape. Embracing the brand’s ethereal sensibilities, women’s corporate attire morphs into provocative silhouettes, daringly challenging patriarchal norms.

Showcased atop classic London buses, the set and garments juxtapose the discord between fantasy and reality, all while celebrating life in the metropolis.  Tailoring, an enduring stalwart for the city-dwelling professional, undergoes a radical transformation. Consider, for example, wool two-piece sets featuring jackets with cinched waists, commanding shoulders, and off-centre buttons. Yet, upon closer examination, the sleeves defy convention, with cuffs mimicking shoulder contours, while trouser hems sport shirt collar-inspired details—this subversive theme permeates the collection. In another instance, a waist-snatching wool coat is inverted, with the lapel adorning the hem—along with an ingenious detail at the back to tidily slip one’s hair into—capturing the frenetic energy of mornings bracing for the bustling cityscape.   

Continuing with the brand’s subversion of a commuter’s uniform, knitwear separates are brought into the fold, complete with adaptability for the wearer’s pleasure. Among them are co-ords of ultra-soft cashwool tops and skirts, where tops, inverted, boast high necklines doubling as masks. The skirts, also inverted with crew neck collar accents at the hem, feature adjustable buckles enabling the ability to tailor the length. Knitted denim is transformed into backless maxi dresses adorned with striking sleeves and a provocative thigh slit. Poplin is skillfully cut into adaptable button-up dresses and distinctive shirts, featuring cut-out accents at the chest and statement sleeves with a perpetual rolled-up appearance.  

This season, SRVC aims to portray the authentic experience of women navigating the urban landscape, urging us to appreciate the present reality, alongside a proposal of what the world could be. 

Credits: Creative Director: Ricky Wesley Harriott
Stylist & Consultant: Dogukan Nesanir
Styling Assistants: Natalia Farnaus & Jannis Jelto Witze
Casting: Roxane Dia
Makeup: Lucy Bridge
Hair: Karim Belghiran
Nails: Hayley Evans-Smith
Music/Sound Design: Lexii London
Lighting Design: Hydra Design
Production: Daniel Hettmann Productions
Styling Assistants: Natalia Farnaus & Jannis Jelto Witze
Casting Assistants: Jose Malave & Oluwalani Jegede
Words: Alex Kessler 


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