Momonary made their London Fashion Week debut in collaboration with 3M with their Autumn/Winter 2024 “Mappa Mundi” catwalk show on February 15th opening the five day show and event schedule.

Through this collaboration science is applied to fashion design bringing innovation to the catwalk – 3M innovations allow Momonary to express themselves creatively without compromising on utility. Over 40% of the looks to be shown on the catwalk at the Momonary Autumn/Winter 2024 collection are created in collaboration with 3M incorporating 3M™ Thunsulate™ innovations for warmth, breathability, and lightness. 

Momonary’s “Mappa Mundi” collection for AW24 draws inspiration from cartography and the spirit of adventure. We imagine a fearless Momonary exploration team adorned in element-resilient uniforms, embarking on a boundary-pushing journey beyond the edges of the map and into new and wild unchartered places. The world’s first modern map was published by Flemish cartographer Abraham Ortelius over 450 years ago, with the development of the discipline seeing ever more precise mathematical points, lines, and spaces, plotted atop the undulating, organic earth. This contrast speaks to the heart of Momonary’s vision for the season, how soft and gentle can co-exist with strong and durable; how organic and flowing can co-exist with scientific and precise; how girlishness and femininity can be  ambitious, powerful, and adventurous. Momonary aims to awaken humanity’s desire for exploring new frontiers, urging us to embark together on this journey. 

Momonary is a contemporary womenswear brand founded in 2019 by Zeng Yue and Fu Fanding and based between Shanghai and London. Momonary is about expression and movement, freedom and comfort; they propose a fresh femininity, one which is at once girlish yet fearless. Through collaboration with 3M material innovations, Momonary are able to realise this vision with garments combining liberating lightness, with durability and warmth. Momonary design for tactility recognising the important of physical touch and contract with the skin as a balance to an increasingly digitalised lifestyle. Softness against the skin, structure against the body, and the warmth and protection from the elements afforded by 3M™ Thinsulate™ technology. 

3M is on American Fortune 500 company applying science in collaborative ways to improve lives daily across more than 60,000 products operating in more than 70 countries. 3M’s core technologies help solve problems around the world. The company has pledged over $1billion over 20 years to accelerate environmental goals, including achieving carbon neutrality across operation by 2050. 3M’s global headquarters is powered by 100% renewable electricity, and over 50% of the company’s global electricity is from renewable sources. 

The Momonary x 3M collaboration applies science and innovation to advance fashion creativity through their 3M™ Thinsulate™ LIGHT Series and 3M™ Thinsulate™ Extra Soft Insulation lines. Thinsulate ™ LIGHT Series is a new revolution in the 3M family debuting on the catwalk for the first time in London this season exclusively with Momonary, offering a thin, lightweight insulation with superb warmth and laundering durability. Thinsulate™ Extra Soft Insulation stands out for its soft hand feel enabled by thinner fibres, making possible garments with gentle beauty and a soft sensory experience. 

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