Johanna Parv’s Autumn/Winter 2024 collection marks the designer’s third and final show as part of Fashion East during London Fashion Week.

The mood? Fast and furious. Johanna Parv is accelerating into a darker, sexier and even more technical space for the colder months ahead. This collection marks the evolution of Parv’s label into a wardrobe that goes the distance, one that has the Johanna Parv wearer covered for all eventualities, around the clock.

Parv’s work is always informed by the topography of the city: inner-city cycling routes, the buzz of the morning commute, office worker uniform hacks and the harshness of the elements, all of which results in slick pieces defined by functional, meticulously thought out details that add ease to the daily routine. On this season’s moodboard? Strong women in motion, furiously battling their way through the cold winter elements on bike and on foot and fresh faces spotted in the city with wild, windswept hair. These movements, interactions, nuances and needs of the city-dweller play out in Parv’s textural and functional Autumn/Winter 2024 wardrobe, brought to life in a colour palette that traverses between dark and light: a stormy baseline of brown and black, with cold blasts of tourmaline-blue and aqua- green.

An evolution of the Parv world, the label’s lightweight, tight, technical layers that envelope the body are met by new pieces constructed from heavier, natural fibers ready to cocoon the wearer, offering them warmth and protection. In addition to many Parv staples – a breathable, stretchy rendition of a classic white shirt; a jacket with draw cords that allows it to be reconfigured or stretched over a backpack in a flash; lycra dresses, this time with open backs, and drapes that can be used to conceal a backpack – a new category is introduced this season. Techy tailoring.

Parv’s functional suiting has been in development for some time and this attention to detail really shows. Crafted from natural wool, formal blazers are inspired by cycling jacket silhouettes and come with protective collars and bonded and taped seams for maximum durability and warmth. A lightly-insulated mini skirt – designed to keep the wearer’s bum warm on the saddle – is ripe for layering and is fitted with a front muff pocket to warm the hands. Technical suit trousers are built with cut-outs for a stiletto heel and intentional volume at the knees to ensure they stay in shape from dawn to dusk. Functional ventilation panels feature throughout, revealing just the right amount of skin.

Unexpected, and inherently Parv, details are demonstrated, too, whether it’s a jacket with gloves built into the cuffs, or a snakeskin-esque pattern derived from the non-slip silicone dots previously used on shoulders to avoid the wearer’s handbag from slipping off. Elsewhere, the label’s cult action bag is executed in leather and a nifty neck bag – handmade in London and designed for stashing cash, cards or a phone on-the-go – has been added to Parv’s expanding line of accessories. The footwear reflects the two sides to Parv’s world: Air Max silhouettes by day thanks to shoe sponsor Nike and sporty, heeled leather boots fitted with neon soles by night.

It’s important to note that Johanna Parv’s work is increasingly sustainably minded. Working with recycled nylons, natural fibers and materials created from post-consumer plastics, her wardrobe is functional, conscious and style-driven in equal measure. Dark, sexy and technical – Johanna Parv’s Autumn/Winter 2024 wardrobe is testament to the meticulous vision that shapes her ever-evolving designs.

STYLING: La ë titia Gimenez Adam | CASTING: MollMollie Dendle | MAKE UP: Romero Jennings @ mac cosmetics | HAIR: Mark Hampton | ORIGINAL SCORE: Mimi Xu | MOVEMENT DIRECTION: Will Pegna | JEWELLERY: Justine Clenquet | SHOES SPONSOR: Nike | PRODUCTION: Sophie Baillavoine CEBE |PRESS RELEASE: Brooke McCord


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