TOMME, the trailblazing inclusive streetwear accessories brand, is set to the shake things up with a new bold collaboration, a dynamic partnership with the iconic tattoo-inspired brand Ed Hardy.

The collaboration brings forth a fusion of sports culture and Y2K street-style, delivering a collection of unapologetically cool basketballs and American footballs that redefines traditional accessories. This is the latest in a string of high-profile collaborations from the Ed Hardy brand which is back with a vengeance and rapidly gaining a whole new fanbase whilst hitting all the right notes for its original devotees via its impactful apparel, footwear and accessories lines globally and powerful brand DNA. 

Known for her approach to transform items entrenched in male-dominated sports, TOMME founder Kelly Gunner has become a pioneer in reimagining the basketball, turning it into unique, unisex pieces that embody the essence of contemporary streetwear. 

This highly anticipated collaboration will make its debut on the NTWRK app before hitting the TOMME website and select retailers. This exclusive release is a testament to TOMME’s commitment to pushing boundaries and breaking stereotypes in the fashion world. 

Gunner reflects on her personal connection to Ed Hardy, stating, “I vividly remember wearing Ed Hardy when I was younger. It was more than just clothing, it was a statement, a bold expression of individuality. This collaboration allows me to infuse that rebellious spirit into our basketball bags, creating a collection that pays homage to both our roots and the ever-evolving fashion landscape’. 

‘We are delighted to see Ed Hardy and the pioneering brand TOMME come together for this exciting partnership which will provide discerning consumers with a fresh new product which perfectly encapsulates the brands’ worlds aligning’. Emma James – Senior Marketing & Brand Executive, Iconix International EMEA.

TOMME and Ed Hardy are set to inject off-court energy into this drop, reimagining a traditionally feminine accessory and placing it at the heart of basketball culture. The collaboration seeks to fuse Ed Hardy’s bold tattoo aesthetic with TOMME’s designs, resulting in a collection that celebrates individuality, inclusivity, and the vibrant spirit of streetwear. 

Prepare to slam dunk your style game with the Ed Hardy x TOMME collaboration. Stay tuned for its release in January 2024. 

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