40s & Shorties partners with the iconic magazine, Penthouse, for an exclusive capsule of products to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day. The collection balances out a mixture of eye-catching patterns and re-worked classics to deliver a dynamic group of high quality styles for the occasion. The collaboration pulls inspiration from the DNA of the brands themselves; a mix of raw content blended with classic bodies. This ethos is channeled in the lookbook with its use of mixed mediums, clean layout, and DIY aesthetic.

Styles to look out for include: “The Blinds Hockey Jersey,” “The Faces Shirt,” “The Dream Girl Blanket,” and the “Co-Branded Hoodie.” 

Retail pricing:

  • CoBranded Tee: $40
  • Collage Tee: $35
  • Dreamgirl Tee: $35
  • Cover Mesh Tee: $60
  • Faces Shirt: $58
  • Blinds Hockey Jersey: $85
  • CoBranded Hoodie: $90
  • Dream Girl Blanket: $70
  • Stickers: $12

This collection is available this Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2024 on www.40sandshorties.com 

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