The Spring/Summer 24 collection reflects an individual’s journey in searching for, recognising, and creating one’s rhythm. This movement is manifested in the collection through dynamic patterns, graphics, and diverse cuts, allowing people to authentically express themselves in all facets of life. Discover the new denim,  crochet silhouettes, the season’s leather coat, swimwear, and accessories. Explore renewed cargo styles, tracksuits, hoodies, and tees in the latest colourways.

As part of the Diaspora, one shares the feeling of growing up in a country or culture that doesn’t belong to them. The space feels temporary, and a sense of belonging is missing. The search for a rhythm that feels natural, good, and comfortable becomes essential.

Your natural rhythm is found at home and within your community. This season, prints and graphics showcase a mass of people finding their rhythm and living in harmony with the rhythms of others, reflecting the essence of the Daily Paper community. This rhythm is translated onto co-ords, hoodies, tees, and a tailored women’s suit.


Natural rhythms guide all that we do – our very existence. Not only are there external rhythms and cycles, but there are also internal rhythms and cycles. Earth also dances along with many other rhythms. The delicate balance between these natural cycles influences the Earth’s environment and supports life. The natural rhythm of the migration of animals is reflected in prints on cargo-style attire, tees, and hoodies.


Introducing new denim styles this season. ‘Fresh’ features custom denim jacquard fabric with an all-over macramé pattern, available in a unisex jacket, pants, and a matching skirt with unique asymmetrical details. Daily Paper monogram denims make a return in light blue and sand blue, evoking a vintage feel. Also, explore the dark blue denim with a destroyed monogram, now featuring a zipper on the jacket. Another addition is the inside-out denim showcasing an all-over monogram. The cropped jacket boasts a dropped shoulder silhouette, oversized sleeves, and the option to close it asymmetrically.


Alexis Tsegba is a Nigerian visual artist known for her complex digital collages that frame real people in magical or surreal settings. She frequently explores elements of Afrofuturism, identity, religion, and gender through thought-provoking concepts. For Daily Paper, Alexis created a futuristic landscape used as a digital print on various styles. The prints showcase different shapes coming together, forming a rhythm and conveying an element of searching for your rhythm within a group.

The collection drops on Friday 9th February at 12PM CET online and in stores across Daily Paper’s flagship stores in Amsterdam, London, and New York. 

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