Nike are pleased to introduce a bold new Air Max model that disrupts and reimagines the future of Nike Air with each step – the Air Max Dn.

Bold and sleek, the Nike Air Max Dn marks a new generation in the footwear cushioning revolution that Nike began more than three decades ago, arriving with a reimagined platform for self-expression — and what it feels like to walk on Air. 

Appearing for the first time in the Nike Air Max Dn, Dynamic Air is realized in a new dual-chamber, four-tubed Nike Air unit designed for unreal comfort, a smooth stride and max bounce. 

The dual-pressure air unit is comprised of two pressurized chambers, each with two tubes. The two chambers are specifically tuned with higher pressure in the back two tubes and lower pressure in the front two tubes. As you move, air freely flows between the tubes in each chamber, allowing air to respond to the pressure as you walk – delivering a smooth sensation with every step.

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