Nigerian-born Ghanaian singer SPL Daddy has been making waves with his unique blend of modern and old-school influences, earning praise from both fans and critics alike. VIPER got to know him better with this interview…

What five words define your sound?

Spiritual, Consciousness, Elevate, Love, and Life (SCELL). Each track I create is a deliberate exploration of these themes, intertwining elements that resonate with the essence of spirituality, heightened awareness, uplifting vibrations, love and life.

Tell me something unique about your creative process

My creative process is a journey of sonic self-discovery. It begins with establishing a deep connection to a particular sound that resonates with me on a personal level. The uniqueness lies in the subsequent creative endeavour, where I invest time and effort in giving profound meaning to the chosen sound. It’s not just about crafting music; it’s about infusing each note with a narrative that reflects my experiences, emotions, and perspectives.

Which song of yours would you like people to hear first?

‘Trumpet’ is a piece I would love to introduce to listeners as an initial encounter with my musical repertoire. This track embodies a fusion of my inspirations and serves as a gateway to the diverse elements that define my artistic expression.

What inspired you to make that song? 

‘Trumpet’ is a reflection of the myriad experiences, relationships and emotions that weave together to form the intricate fabric of our existence. It’s a musical journey influenced by the universal themes of life, family and the connections we share with others.

What’s the most vulnerable you’ve allowed yourself to be when writing/making music? 

My vulnerability unfolds in the raw, emotive moments when I just bare my innermost thoughts and emotions through my music. It’s a connection, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. There’s a transparency in my expression as I articulate these emotions that I feel. 

What’s the best/worst experience you’ve had on stage?

The best moments on stage are those when I am fully immersed in my performance, feeling the energy exchange with my audience, and seeing their appreciation for my sound live. And on the flip side, my worst experience on stage happened when I just took the stage without proper organisation, which led to a very disorganised show. 

What is your favourite song to perform?

I think my latest song, ‘Confident’. The song holds a special place in my heart and the lyrics encapsulate a sense of self-assuredness and empowerment. 

Which artist/song/album made you want to make music?

Honestly, my primary motivation for creating music stems from within. I draw inspiration from my own songs, finding encouragement and motivation in the depth and uniqueness of my craft. The process of creating and listening to my own sound alone fuels my passion and artistic drive.

What’s the meaning behind your name?

“SPL Daddy” simply means “Spiritual Daddy.” I’m called DADDY at home and SPL signifies SPIRITUAL because my style and storytelling is deep.

If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing instead?

I’ll probably be playing football. 

What’s success to you?

Now that’s a good question. Success, to me, extends beyond personal achievements. It is about ensuring the well-being and prosperity of those around me. The measure of success isn’t only about my individual accomplishments but also about the collective thriving of the people in my sphere.

What moment in your life/career forced you to change direction?

The pivotal moment that pushed me towards a musical path occurred when friends and family would always tell me how much they love my sound. All the positive feedback, compliments, and engagement surrounding my music motivated me to embrace my craft wholeheartedly.

Where can people keep in touch with you?

For those eager to stay connected, you can find me on all social media platforms with the handle @SPLDADDY. 

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