St. Louis’ fastest rising R&B star speaks with VIPER about his debut album ‘Streets Say You Miss Me’…

How would you describe your music?

Refreshing, Vulnerable, Pretty, Gritty and Therapeutic.

Tell us something unique about your creative process!

I have to make every new album in a new city. I also have to reset visually with each album.

Is there an artist/song/album that made you want to make music?

Drake for sure and Frank Ocean.

You just released a new record ‘Streets Say You Miss Me’. For the people who are just now discovering your music, which song off the album would you like them to hear first?

I’d recommend my song `More Than Sorry’. It’s a very vulnerable song, I think everyone should hear it if they haven’t heard of me before.

What inspired you to make that song?

I was trying to make the perfect apology song for someone that I love that I hurt. 

What’s the most vulnerable you’ve allowed yourself to be when making this new music?

This is the most vulnerable I have been for sure, in terms of being more direct and personal with my writing.

You’re kicking off touring the UK/Europe with Jordan Ward this evening. What’s the best/worst experience you’ve had on stage?

I haven’t been on stage yet in Europe! This will be my first time, so next time we talk I”ll let you know the best or worst moments for sure. 

What is your favourite song from the new record to perform and why?

‘Fuck Trying’ for sure, I love the bounce on the song and the way I see people fall in love with it in real time when I perform it.

How has it felt to see the songs on the project resonating with so many people?

It feels great seeing people reach out and say this album is refreshing and that it’s helped them through their own situations and love life. Those are always the best kinds of feedback, so I feel grateful! 

If there was a perfect setting to listen to ‘Street’s Say You Miss Me’, what would it be? 

Alone in your room. No TV, no phone, just alone with a candle on.


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