As the Year of Dragon approaches, Timberland proudly unveils its 2024 Lunar New Year Collection with the theme of “Unbreakable Me,” ushering in the vibrant spirit of the dragon.

The Dragon—one of the spiritual symbols of China—roams through the rich tapestry of Eastern history, implying wisdom, courage, and unbreakable strength, often portrayed in martial arts films to symbolise the protagonist’s bravery and power. This infusion of authentic elements adds a unique touch to Timberland’s Lunar New Year Collection, showcasing the distinct power of Chinese traditional culture. Continuing to draw inspiration from the mysterious and powerful Eastern dragon, the collection ingeniously integrates elements of traditional Chinese Kung Fu to empower wearers with courage and strength. 

The Lunar New Year collection introduces three exclusive boots, blending the brand’s classic design with unique dragon-themed elements. The special edition Timberland Heritage 6-Inch Lace-Up Boot, crafted from Timberland® premium leather, comes in striking Chinese red for men and classic black for women. The thickened collar features a distinctive pattern, with a black base subtly outlined in gold lines to create an exquisite dragon motif. The eyelets and laces are adorned with golden accents, and the shoe surface is engraved with subtle dragon scale patterns, maintaining a low-profile yet mysteriously captivating design. 

Another standout is the special edition Timberland GreenStrideTM Motion 6 Mid Lace-Up Hiking Boot, designed to celebrate the Year of the Dragon with a lightweight, comfort-forward style. The boots feature a unique combination of a red and black outsole, boldly highlighting the unbreakable spirit of the dragon and injecting courage into every step of the adventure. 

Built for the bold, the Lunar New Year Collection apparel brings a new style experience. The Timberland Lunar New Year Badge Bomber Jacket protects from the wind and rain. Detachable patches on the chest and back add dragon-inspired characteristics allows for customisation for personal style. The deep red Timberland Lunar New Year Badge Crewneck Sweatshirt provides warmth for the colder weather, complemented by comfortable and elastic yellow Timberland Washed Canvas Stretch Carpenter Pants

Produced by a talented team of Shanghai-based, Chinese creatives and photographers, the campaign for the Year of the Dragon features two professional Chinese Kung Fu models dressed in Timberland’s Lunar New Year 

Special Edition Collection. They showcase the movements of Chinese Kung Fu with exceptional grace, completing total 18 classical Chinese Kung Fu poses. The male model exudes strength and masculinity, embodying the indomitable spirit of the Year of the Dragon. The female model seamlessly balances strength and elegance, with each shot capturing her unique aura, presenting a portrayal of confidence and resilience. 

The 18 movements create a visual feast, intricately weaving the unique elements of the Year of the Dragon into each pose, conveying the unbreakable strength of Timberland’s Lunar New Year Collection, and paying homage to Chinese Kung Fu culture. 

The Timberland Lunar New Year Collection ranges from £22-215 and is available from January 1st at timberland.co.uk, Timberland® stores and select specialty retailers worldwide. 

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