With his debut EP ‘Sirious Riddim Volume 1, Siribeatz encapsulates the essence of this transformative era, fusing Ghanaian highlife with contemporary African sounds. We asked about his favourite mixtape of all time and he took us to Jamaica…

What’s your favourite mixtape ever?

‘Diwali’ – Wayne Wonder

Why’s it so significant to you?

I stumbled on a video of Sean Paul making ‘Get Busy’. What struck me significantly was the bass pattern of the ‘Diwali Rhythm’ in almost every Dancehall hit song which inspired my own ‘SIRIOUS RIDDIMS’. 

Were there any artists or producers that you discovered through this tape?

Wayne Wonder aka Dancehall/White Jesus. 

Where exactly were you when you heard the mixtape for the first time?

I was in the studio with the sound enveloping me into musical bliss. 

Did it come into your life at a significant time?

Yes, just when I was to begin the work of my debut project. It helped me stick to a formula of creating riddims drawing inspiration from Diwali’s rhythm culture of making sounds into pleasantly connective riddims!

How did the mixtape cover make you feel?

It was a nostalgic feeling – with a billboard feel for a cover art, making it easily identifiable and pointing to Wayne Wonder. 

Describe the mixtape in three words.

Dynamic, Exciting, Innovative.

What song is your personal favourite?

‘Bubble & Wine’

If you could put a price on this mixtape, how much would you pay?

There’s no price for creativity and for a project that redefined a soundscape letting me experience a unique artistry of sounds, images and stories, I think it’s priceless. 

Did you have a physical copy?

No, a physical copy wasn’t distributed in my region. 

No? Which is your favourite that you have a physical copy of?

None for now. 

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