Come behind the scenes to see the magic at Midwxst’s photo shoot for VIPER’s 10th Anniversary Issue.

Discover the powerful story and unique talent of Midwxst, the rising American rapper and singer from Indianapolis, Indiana, in this exclusive YouTube video interview. Delve into his captivating journey as an artist, as he shares insights on hyperpop, his creative process, influences, and the deeper meanings behind his music.

Gain valuable behind-the-scenes perspectives and personal anecdotes as Midwxst opens up about his musical evolution and the challenges he’s overcome. Join us for an enriching conversation that offers a rare glimpse into the mind of this breakout artist. Don’t miss out on this compelling interview that sheds light on the artistry and vision of Midwxst, poised to make a lasting impact on the music industry.

Directed and edited by Liam James

Interview by Tahirah Thomas

Photography by Eddie Cheaba

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