ABAGA VELLI, is set to launch its e-commerce site on January 5, 2024, unveiling exclusive pieces and a new collection, The Truth. The cult design brand, meaning ‘Art Brings Access, Grants Ascendance,’ specialises in utilitarian, modular clothing with artisanal finishes. Rooted in community, culture, and displacement, each garment reflects lived experiences and extensive research.

The brand has garnered a devoted following, including names like Little Simz, Ashley Clarke, Micheal Ward, Obongjayar, Rema, Daniel Kaluuya, and John Boyega. ABAGA VELLI continues to showcase its vision of Street Elegance—blending contemporary lifestyle with global appeal. Crafted in London, each piece combines traditional and casual elements, emphasising the concept of the Italian sprezzatura and using fabrics from around the world, embodying Udoma’s nomadic diasporan design language.

The Truth collection is a powerful expression, encapsulating the essence of sanity amid turmoil, misinformation, and ignorance. With the guiding principle that “In a room full of turmoil, misinformation & ignorance, most times all you have is the truth to keep you sane,” each piece becomes a visual testament to authenticity, offering refuge in a world often clouded by uncertainty. In the realm of high-end fashion, this collection stands as a beacon of truth and a celebration of the strength found in one’s convictions and identity.

Creative Director: Adémidé Udoma

Photographer: Alex Picasso Messer

Photographer: Ivor Alice

Producer: Daniel Falodun

DOP: Adenike Oke

Gaffer: Joy Kisuka

1st AC: Keisha Walters

Creative Assistant: Danielle Field

Runner: Luke Newbould

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