TRAPSTAR London, the trailblazing fashion powerhouse known for its audacious designs, proudly announces the launch of its latest AW23 womenswear collection, a groundbreaking departure from the urban jungle to the serene peaks of the French Alps.

As a relentless force in the world of fashion, TRAPSTAR continues to push boundaries with each season, and the AW23 collection stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation. This season’s womenswear lineup is a captivating blend of must- have outerwear, featuring cute, sexy, and weather-appropriate puffer jackets, technical fabrications, and a range of new two-piece tracksuits.

The collection introduces five stunning new jacket styles, with hero pieces stealing the spotlight. The Irongate Chesterfield Puffer Jacket, available in both off-white and black, boasts a diamond layout of Irongate T studs and a removable hood for unparalleled versatility. The Hooded Bomber Jacket, designed with a city-girl chic aesthetic, features a luxurious liquid satin look fabric, an Irongate T plaque on the sleeve, and a removable fur trim on the hood, finished with a warm double-layer zip panel.

A showstopper from the AW23 drop is the newly reworked Arch Oversized Puffer in a distinctive washed camo colorway. This jacket receives a unique distressed treatment with an Irongate self-appliqué across the front chest and arms, making it a certified head-turner on both the city streets and mountain slopes. All new jackets are equipped with Official Certilogo Authentication, underscoring TRAPSTAR’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to authentic products.

While TRAPSTAR asserts its dominance in the outerwear space for women, the brand defies design norms with a series of new tracksuit two-pieces in khaki and hot pink, offering the perfect styling layers for the standout jackets in the collection. Embracing the signature distressed treatment, a consistent theme in TRAPSTAR’s womenswear collections, the AW23 drop continues to elegantly execute this style.

The AW23 womenswear collection is a bold statement from TRAPSTAR London, redefining fashion norms and bringing a touch of Alpine elegance to the forefront. With its avant-garde designs and unwavering commitment to quality, TRAPSTAR invites fashion enthusiasts to explore and embrace the intersection of urban grit and mountain tranquility.

Shop the new collection online now, exclusively at www.trapstarlondon.com

Photography By Eddie Cheaba

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