Swedish-Gambian artist SoLonely has built a large following in the USA with his gritty R&B songs – all DIY creations. With over 80 million streams online to date, we caught up with him to talk life, love and loss.

What five words define your sound?

Melancholic, unique, ambient, experimental and creative.

Tell me something unique about your creative process

I never really topline stuff, I always have the beats on repeat and just write to it. Usually I come up with my melodies and ideas on the spot and I prefer finishing a song before leaving the studio over working on something for a long period of time.

Which song of yours would you like people to hear first?

‘out of my way’ or ‘tomorrow’.

What inspired you to make that song?

‘Out of my way’ was inspired by me feeling like i’m heading towards a more healthy path in life. Not stressing as much and worrying over stuff I can’t change, moving forward and letting go of the things that hold you back in your day-to-day life.

What’s the most vulnerable you’ve allowed yourself to be when writing/making music?

Opening up about my mother and writing stuff that correlates to her passing.

What’s the best/worst experience you’ve had on stage?

Best was doing a show in Hudiksvall with my friends called Casper The Ghost, I’ve got so much love for those guys.

None of my shows have had any real bad experiences, I love the whole process and I love doing live shows.

What is your favourite song to perform?

‘Need You’ or ‘Breathe’.

Which artist/song/album made you want to make music?

Mostly The Weeknd, Michael Jackson, Swedish artist Darin, also Bow Wow who I listened to a lot as a youngin’.

What’s the meaning behind your name?

I’m ”SoLonely” and that’s alright. I’ve come to terms with the fact that we are born alone, live most of our lives alone and we die alone, we have to accept that and experience life on it’s own without being so dependant on other people. Even though we enjoy company from time to time, I think it’s important to be comfortable with yourself too.

If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing instead?

Probably making digital art or doing some sort of sport, not sure what I’d do without my music to be honest!

What’s success to you?

Being happy. Having people that enjoy your craft, people that relate to it and to help people out through my music is success.

What moment in your life/career forced you to change direction?

My mothers passing. I had to move cities and it was a hard time for me. I made new friends but the hole of your mother not being there anymore is a void that’s hard to fill.

Where can people keep in touch with you?

Instagram (@imfrozen) or Twitter (XVLonely). Also on TikTok as (@solonelymusic)

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