Trapstar, the iconic streetwear brand, and gaming giant, Xbox, joined forces to unveil their highly anticipated collaboration at an exclusive launch event held at the illustrious Tate Modern in London. The event, a fusion of culture, art, fashion, and gaming, transformed guests’ reality, offering a one-of-a-kind immersive experience.

London’s Tate Modern was championed by an otherworldly space design, setting the stage for physical and digital art installations that showcased the four pillars of the Trapstar | Xbox collaboration. The venue became a new dimension where guests were treated to an unforgettable Forza Motorsport gaming tournament in the presence of a heroic trophy cabinet featuring the limited edition 1/10 Trapstar | Xbox Series S 1TB in Carbon Black.

The Trapstar | Xbox friends and family launch event immersed guests in bespoke installations curated specifically for the collaboration. Guest artworks by Slawn, a prominent member of the Trapstar dynasty and one of the hottest artists globally, were featured. Slawn was commissioned to design two custom pieces incorporating subtle ‘T’ irongate symbols alongside bespoke artworks from U.S multi-faceted artist Carlos W. Desrosiers and UK Painter Symbol.

A highlight of the evening was an iconic photo installation that guided guests through the most memorable moments of the Trapstar brand movement. The exhibit featured images of Young Thug, Central Cee, and photography from Trapstar’s ‘WE OUTSIDE’ takeovers.

In a nod to its roots, Trapstar designed a bespoke bedroom installation to remind guests of the brand’s humble beginnings and where the movement originated. The setup included pizza boxes as a tribute to the brand’s early days of trapping garments from custom pizza box packaging, with the original Xbox in the background symbolising the signature of the brand’s hustle.

The atmosphere was heightened with a soundtrack provided by a lineup of DJs, building anticipation for the final winner of the gaming tournament. Xbox On host ‘Benny Central’ presented the winner with the Trapstar customised 1/10 Xbox Series S 1TB in Carbon Black.

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