In a groundbreaking venture to unite the hip-hop scenes of New York and London, P On The Boards, a seasoned producer and core member of the A$AP Mob, embarked on a transatlantic journey for a week-long writing camp. This collaborative effort was documented in a captivating mini documentary that sheds light on the creative process and the cultural exchange that transpired during this productive week.

Hosted by SoldNotTold Entertainment, a burgeoning London-based music management agency, the writing camp brought together a stellar lineup of artists including Hak Baker, CityBoy Moe, Capo Lee, Ashley Powell, Duppy, John Alone, and SBK. The goal was clear – to foster collaboration and bridge the musical and cultural gaps between the American and British hip-hop scenes.

The mini documentary takes the audience on a day-by-day journey, revealing the intense creative atmosphere and artist interactions that unfolded during the writing camp. P On The Boards and the talented artists engaged in collaborative sessions, hinting at exciting projects in the pipeline.

Despite the geographical distance, the documentary highlighted the remarkable parallels between the two music scenes. The rich musical and cultural heritage shared by both cities served as a catalyst for inspiration, emphasizing that great things can happen and exceptional music can be created when diverse talents come together.

The culmination of this writing camp promises a release featuring P On The Boards and Duppy, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the forthcoming music. Furthermore, the successful collaboration between P On The Boards and SoldNotTold Entertainment signifies a promising future in bridging the gap between the New York and London music scenes, promising a vibrant exchange of creativity and innovation.

Watch the process and magic in action here, via SoldNotTold’s youtube channel.

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