Hennessy teams up with cHIP sHOP, BXTN for a special celebration of Hip-Hop 50, with a one-off show starring Ghetts and the next generation of UK hip-hop artists, plus Henny Hot Wings…

Hennessy, the world’s leading cognac brand and one of the most name-dropped brands in Hip-Hop has launched its month-long collaboration with Brixton’s legendary cHIP sHOP to champion rising artists who are keeping the heartbeat of the genre alive. Kicking off last night with a VIP launch event that saw performances from a selection of artists who represent their generation of Hip-Hop. Headlined by UK Rap legend, GHETTS. The MOBO awards-winning East London rapper made the trip to Brixton to headline the event alongside sets from Croydon songwriter JORDS, Birmingham lyricist TRUMENDOUS, South Norwood DJ & Rapper BENNY MAILS and Brixton resident, poet and MC, AMY TRUE. In addition to incredible performances guests were treated to a first taste of ‘Hennessy Hot Wings’ a Henny-infused hot wing, perfectly paired with ‘Cherry Rewind’ Hennessy V.S cocktails.

The specially selected performers are all respected UK torch-bearers of the now 50-year-old genre of hip-hop. It’s been 50 years since the birth of hip-hop in an apartment building in The Bronx, New York. Since then, hip-hop has evolved into a chart-topping multi-million dollar worldwide industry and cultural phenomenon. This partnership follows the brands’ limited edition launch with industry legend Nas. Coming to Brixton celebrates the unique and legitimate connection Hennessy has to the Hip-Hop community, respecting the past, repping the present and looking to the future.

cHIP sHOP is nestled in the heart of Brixton, the legendary venue that has long been the pulse of hip-hop culture in South London. Beyond the music, the venue has cultivated an inclusive and electric atmosphere, drawing hip-hop enthusiasts from all walks of life, a place where history, rhythm, and community come together. The echoes of legendary acts such as Chuck D, Ice T, Run DMC and Mobb Deep still reverberate within its walls, leaving an indelible mark on Brixton’s vibrant musical legacy.

For guests who missed the launch the Hennessy x cHIP sHOP collaboration continues into November with a series of special shows, celebrating the newest stars of Hip-Hop from the UK and beyond.
The exclusive ‘Henny Hot Wings’ & ‘Cherry Rewind’ cocktails will be available at cHip sHOP from the 5th of October.

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