KEEN and Hiking Patrol worked together to create the campaign assets for the style with Italian photographer Achille Mauri and his team. Achille describes the concept as; “To camouflage oneself, only to be part of the same ecosystem. In a humble attempt to approach the world of Anuran, we mirror their phenomenal skin, capable of respiring and adapting to its dynamic movements in mixed environments. Anurans feel through their limbs, strong and agile, quickly reacting to any stimulus. “

The collaboration brings a fresh take on the signature model, Jasper Rocks, originally a climbing-inspired sneaker, which perfectly finds an intersection between outdoors and lifestyle design. The style comes in two exclusive colourways, inspired by the fascinating and mysterious world frogs, namely the Cuban and Phantasmal Poison Frog, a fitting nod to both KEEN and Hiking Patrol’s outdoor roots. This sees the style delivered in two striking colourways in ‘Cuban Beige’ and ‘Phantasmal Red’.

The collaboration will see 3% of the net sales in the EMEA region to benefit the project “Treasure Island: Saving Bangkaru’s Endangered Species, Indonesia”. Bangkaru Island lies 75km west of Sumatra. Part of the Pulau Banyak conservation area, is uninhabited, maintaining 100% primary rainforest. The Ecosystem Impact Foundation / Yayasan Ecosystem Impact works to keep the wild landscapes of Bangkaru and Simeulue Islands, Aceh, Indonesia, wild through a sustainability approach where nature, people and business thrive alongside each other. This initiative is being run with the support of KEEN’s long-term partner, EOCA, the European Outdoor Conservation Association.

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