The biggest names in content, social media, and entertainment turned out to celebrate the launch of the HUGO x Bella Poarch collaborative collection on the evening of September 15 during London Fashion Week. The collection was introduced at Flannels X in London at a night replete with live DJ sets, digital art and the biggest names in international fashion. The party was a blowout of dynamic style, music and sound to debut one of HUGO’s most daring collections yet and cast a spotlight on the princess of social media herself. 

Known for her viral lip syncing videos and record-breaking rise to content creator stardom, Bella Poarch is a true Gen Z icon and a multi-season HUGO brand ambassador. With her fem-punk dressing, a music career as a grunge pop sensation and strikingly cool attitude, she’s a key collaborator for the brand built on originality, authenticity, and self-expression. 

To celebrate her stardom and present its new capsule, HUGO transformed Flannels X, the place where fashion, art and music intersect, into a Bellaverse to showcase three central themes of Bella’s artistry, personality, and brand in conjunction with her notoriety in the worlds of music, social media, and gaming. Three key layers and themes of the Bellaverse, Cyber-Punk, Code Red, and Intergalactic, were communicated through unexpected interactive experiences such as an AI generated selfie pod and an immersive starlight sensory room for an engaging and unique guest experience. Multiple floor-to-ceiling LED screens in the Flannel’s X basement event area displayed animated videos, eye-catching graphic visuals created by digital artist, Gabriel Massan, and seamless transitions to create a larger-than-life phygital playground of sensory storytelling. Additionally, for 24 hours, HUGO took over the screens on the outside of the Flannels building to showcase and tease visuals from the HUGO x Bella Poarch campaign as passers-by looked on. In a play on the concept of old-meets-new, the Flannels X basement was also decorated with mega-sized digital TV sets that reflected the same changing scenes displayed on the LED screens. 

Bella Poarch joined TSHA behind the booth during her DJ set. TSHA exclusive performance cemented the tone for the night by bringing limitless energy, singular attitude, and upbeat tracks to get the audience on its feet and dancing. Poarch also shared smiles and took photos with 10 lucky meet-and-greet winners. Other myriad DJs, musicians, and performers including MARLIE and Tamera took to the stage to create unforgettable and interactive musical moments of their own.

The HUGO x Bella Poarch capsule of statement styles is all about Bella’s world, her unapologetic rebellion and her creativity unleashed. Audacious and youthful designs that blend HUGO’s codes of individuality along with Bella’s grunge and glam characterize this larger-than-life collection. Acid-washed denim in shades of gray and slate, distressed jersey pieces, graphic T-shirts adorned with her face and name, plus an oversized patterned blazer and hoodie, knee-high and heel-high black patent Chelsea boots, and an asymmetrical handbag draped in chainlink are included in the collection. 

This limited capsule of styles is be available exclusively online at hugo.com.  

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