Agent Provocateur presents ‘Risqué Business’ a cinematic and hyper-sexy campaign fronted by model, author, and business-owner Liberty Ross – assuming her final form as ‘The Boss’ in an imagined tale of jewel heists and hot pursuits dreamed up by Creative Director, Sarah Shotton and lensed in Los Angeles by photographer and film-maker, Carin Backoff.

The label’s Autumn/Winter ‘23 collection, inspired by the make-believe wardrobe of seductive secret agents, spans ready-to-wear and couture-inspired accessories: kinky corsetry, delicate lace, and jewel-encrusted lingerie. Ross, ‘The Boss’, can be seen poised against the backdrop of her secret hideaway, adorned in fine silk lingerie, crystal details glinting in the soft light of her boudoir-meets-control-room, as she puts her Provocateurs to work. The aim? To teach her new ‘agents’ the codes of lingerie.

Sarah Shotton, Creative Director of Agent Provocateur, says: “What an incredible Agent Provocateur muse Liberty is…! I love her taste, I love her values – I love that at forty-five, she looks as desirable and unbelievable as any campaign star could. Most of all I love her infectious energy. She’s living proof that there’s freedom to be found in giving your life exactly the shape you want.”

The campaign acknowledges a wealth of shared values between Ross’ world and the Agent Provocateur universe. As the owner of Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace – described by American Vogue as ‘the centre of Hollywood’s pleasure-seeking universe’ – Ross is synonymous with the same sense of playfulness and liberation that defines Agent Provocateur.

Ross’ supporting cast of Agents showcase sexy strapping and gravity-defying corsetry paired with delicate lace and a heist-worth of crystal jewels. Seen in a powerful and kittenish palette of hot pinks, emerald greens, neon oranges, cobalt blues and inky blacks, Backoff captures an alluring world of pop-art.

‘Risqué Business’ follows the brands continued presence in the world of female sexual empowerment with their intrinsically beautiful lingerie and couture designs, deep rooted in their history within the disruptive world of punk. The collection is available online now.


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