Viral TV personality with the likes of Nick Cannon and fans’ favorite on MTV show ‘Wild N’ Out’, to co-host in ‘TRL’ and ‘Singled Out’. Justina Valentine also started making a name for herself in the music industry, being the first female in Sway in The Morning to freestyle over the infamous ‘5 Fingers of Death’ and having her song ‘Infrared’ reaching the top 5 in the Hip-Hop charts in 2020. Influencer/Artist returns once again with new single ‘Mouth go Crazy’.

What five words define your sound?

Loud. Witty. Bright. Gritty. Raw.

Tell me something unique about your creative process

I write, however, wherever. Basically whenever the spirit hits me. I like to write on paper bc I like crossing stuff out and still seeing what I originally wrote. I have terrible handwriting so it’s
illegible to anyone but me, it looks like hieroglyphics or some shit.

Which song of yours would you like people to hear first?

‘Mouth Go Crazy’ out NOW!!!

What inspired you to make that song?

Nick. He was like show ppl you can really spit for real and go crazy! Show them what you do!

What’s the most vulnerable you’ve allowed yourself to be when writing/making music?

The most vulnerable I’ve been writing music was my song ‘JUST’ off my ‘Feminem’ mixtape. ‘JUST’ is a remix of Eminem’s ‘Stan’. When you hear it you’ll understand why.

What’s the best/worst experience you’ve had on stage?

My best experience on stage has been being able to rock out with my ‘Wild N’ Out’ fam at sold-out shows of 20k plus like when we sold out Madison Square Garden! My worst experience on stage was when I pissed my pants during the Warped tour lol. It was like 105 degrees [Fahrenheit] and I was about to pass out and I pissed myself, so I dumped water over my head to make it all blend in. Oh, and one time when I stage-dived someone grabbed me like a bowling ball, 2 in the pink and one in the stink.

What is your favourite song to perform?

My favourite songs to perform are ‘Mouth Go Crazy’ and ‘Damn’.

Which artist/song/album made you want to make music?

2pac, Lil Kim, Jay Z, Nas, Jadakiss, Eminem, Biggie. ‘Unconditional Love’ and ‘Crush on You’ are two of my fave songs ever.

What’s the meaning behind your name?

I guess my mom JUST liked it lol. My name means “just” and “fair,” I like to think I try to live up to that.

If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing instead?

If I wasn’t making music or TV, I’d probably still be bartending & doing a lot of other wild shit lol

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