A couple weeks back, UK sensation Jordy returned with a brand new project ‘THE LOVE TING’, pushing the genre boundaries by delivering a perfect fusion of Rap and R&B. Keeping it brief at eight tracks long, Jordy keeps you craving more; hitting the sweet spot with the mix of influences, melodies and pockets delivered. Here VIPER sums up the best moments from the project…

The fact your classic “love song” can not be found here.

Your friendly anti-love neighbourhood rapper introduces you to his definition of ‘THE LOVE TING’ right from the opening track of the project.

A profound declaration of Love for all of his Tings.

During the project, he showers with admiration his array of ‘tings’. A master of lyrical irony, he professes his unconditional love for each one, and all of them. His heart is just too big for his own good and some things [or tings] better be kept private.

The overall lesson on Accountability and Affection in Relationships

Embarking on a journey through relational enlightenment, Jordy bravely points the finger at the source of his relationship turmoil. In a departure from the ‘yes-man’ mentality, he asserts that sometimes… it’s just all her fault.

The song ‘SHE LOVES ME’

Is the parallel universe where Jersey Club meets R&B and has a baby called ‘Commitment-Phobia’

Heartstrings, Acoustic guitar, Vocal Layers, Rhodes, pocketed bassline, and loads of hearts broken

Jordy blesses us with a modern-day R&B romance ballad. A silk-woven bassline and a kick drum that beats in time with his infatuated heart. The result? Ethereal and angelic It addresses the paradox o love with a silk touch.

*Quick notes*

  • Don’t display Jordy’s business basically, cause it gets him vexed.
  • Back break over heartbreak
  • Jordy doesn’t need love that much
  • Jordy Doesnt like rap he’s just sick at it

This album paints a portrait of a modern-day Romeo entangled in the complex web of love and lush.

With each track, Jordy playfully navigates the highs and lows of relationships, all while showcasing his musical finesse and keeping your head bopping .

For more Jordy, catch him on his youtube channel spreading laughs and vibes

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