Championing New Era’s latest MLB heritage-inspired collection launching for Fall 2023, the world’s leading lifestyle brand explores the local stories of creatives across different generations for its latest BEAT OF THE CITY campaign. Bringing the new collection’s vintage baseball aesthetic into 2023, the brand’s latest campaign travels across Europe meeting established and emerging protagonists to find out what inspires them and how their art form has changed over the years.

Visiting five countries across Europe, New Era meets UK-based barbers Mark Maciver and Justin Carr, French rap legend Médine Zaouiche and his son Massoud who is breaking into the rap scene, Berlin-based artists Manuel Osterholt aka SuperBlast and Younes Mohammadi, Italian actors Stefano Sala and Livio Kone, and finally the flamenco dancing mother-daughter duo from Madrid, Penelope Pasca and Alejandra de Castro.

Showcasing the latest MLB apparel and headwear seasonal collection in the iconic New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Oakland Athletic teams, New Era’s latest BEAT OF THE CITY campaign highlights and connects multiple stories of established and emerging creators.

Mark Maciver and Justin Carr

Founder of East London’s most reputable barbers, SliderCuts, Mark Maciver has set the bar with an impressive client list of the best and brightest including Lebron James, Anthony Joshua, and Stormzy to name a few. With over 20 years of experience, Mark has become the go-to barber not only for locals but for touring musicians during their London stop-off. Likewise, Justin Carr is making waves in the scene with an impressive clientele of footballers, musicians and sports personalities. Owner of That Feeling based in Hertfordshire, just north of London, Justin is rising to be one of the UK’s leading barbers with a client roster including Andy Cole, Jermain Defoe, and Serge Gnabry.

Médine and Massoud Zaouiche

Emblematic of the French rap scene with over 20 years in the industry, Médine has built an extensive career and fanbase. Based in Le Havre, Médine started alongside the rap collective La Boussole in the 90s before working with Din Records record label and helping produce albums of notable artists over the years. Following in his footsteps is his 14-year-old son, Massoud, who regularly joins his father during his concerts and is carving out his own rap career. Massoud has collaborated with his father previously on tracks Papeti in 2018 and Barbapapa in 2020.

Manuel Osterholt and Younes Mohammadi

Manuel Osterholt aka SuperBlast is a well-known figure in the Berlin art scene and has been well-connected to the beating heart of fashion and skate in the city for over two decades. From his early years as a graffiti artist and then graphic designer, Manuel’s craft has evolved into photography, fine art, and exhibition curation across the city. Also taking the Berlin art world by storm is the young emerging artist Younes Mohammadi. Born in Berlin, Younes’s main artistic medium involves traditional acrylic painting which contrasts with his modern living situation in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities. 

Stefano Sala and Livio Kone

Making his mark on the Italian film scene is the emerging actor Livio Kone whose love of football kickstarted his career in entertainment. Born in Milan, raised in the Ivory Coast, and then back to Milan again, Livio first had a career set out to be a professional footballer but was persuaded by friends and family to look at a future in acting. Becoming a familiar face in Italian TV and cinema, Livio’s career was recently propelled by his role in the new series Zero, which was the first Italian TV series with an all-black cast. Another familiar face on the scene is established actor, model, and musician, Stefano Sala. Starting out as a fashion model walking for some of the biggest Italian fashion houses in the business, Stefano then entered the world of film and television, jumping from the catwalk to centre stage. 

 Penelope Pasca and Alejandra de Castro

Penelope Pasca originally started out learning Sevillanas, a traditional Spanish dance, as a young girl with her family during special occasions, but it quickly developed into a lifetime passion and bond. At the age of ten, she started taking professional lessons which blossomed into running her own dance school, TRIANA DANCE SCHOOL. Continuing this bond, Penelope’s daughter Alejandra has followed her mother and adopted her passion and dedication to the dance. After touring her homeland of Spain and Europe, Alejandra is breathing new life into traditional Flamenco and Spanish dance. 

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