The VFILES Foundation hosted VFILES’s “Pass The Aux” event on July 26th at Chelsea Music Hall from 7PM – 9PM in NYC.

The new format featured artists selected from submissions to the VFILES FOUNDATION website. As part of the VFILES LOUD platform which started in 2015 with Brockhampton at the helm, Pass The Aux was a regular fixture at the 12 Mercer VFILES store where young artists would come in, connect their phones and perform their tracks.

Pass The Aux provides artists with a platform to establish their careers, as well as increasing their opportunities to showcase their talent in front of A&Rs, managers, and talent scouts. For this Pass The Aux, artists featured include Annalise AzadianLeafBoz KamaraIndigo GeneralSweetz, and DJ set by GodSpeed.NYC. In addition to these performers, VFILES inviteed guests to sign up to perform at the open mic portion of the party.

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