“Music’s really just a diary for me” – Babyface Ray talks “bitch wyd” + trolling fans…

On his latest visit to London, Detroit rapper Babyface Ray talks to Viper about the making of his “bitch wyd” adlib, trolling fans and how he connected with artists in his hometown…

Illuminating the Explosive Energy: A Captivating Interview with Babyface Ray In this unmissable exploration of the iconic Detroit rap scene, delve deep into the mesmerising world of Babyface Ray as he sits down for an intriguing video interview. Unveiling his journey, personal triumphs, and creative process, this conversation offers an exclusive look into the rising star’s unique perspective and explosive energy.

From the moment the interview begins, Babyface Ray exudes an undeniable magnetism that captures the viewer’s attention. His infectious smile and genuine enthusiasm for his craft radiate throughout the conversation, drawing the audience into his captivating world. Through his words, the budding rap phenomenon shares stories of resilience, growth, and the experiences that have shaped his music. His honesty and authenticity create a relatable connection, allowing viewers to recognise the genuine passion and depth behind his music.

The conversation also delves into the creative process that fuels Babyface Ray’s unique sound, blending memoir-like storytelling with hard-hitting beats. He describes the inspiration behind his lyrics, highlighting the importance of remaining true to oneself in an industry often driven by trends. Throughout the video, the interview cleverly balances intensity with levity, showcasing Babyface Ray’s infectious sense of humour and playful personality. These moments of lightheartedness provide a refreshing contrast, illustrating his ability to find joy even in the face of adversity, a quality that resonates deeply with his fanbase.

Babyface Ray’s VIPER interview serves as a powerful testament to the rising star’s artistic vision, undeniable talent, and commitment to authenticity. It offers a glimpse into his meteoric rise as one of Detroit’s most influential rap artists, while simultaneously hoping to inspire others to pursue their dreams fearlessly. Prepare to be captivated as Babyface Ray’s electric energy and fascinating insights ignite the screen. This video interview promises an unforgettable experience, blending profound introspection with an unwavering determination to make a mark on the rap scene.



Directed by Eddie Cheaba

Interview by Eddie Cheaba

Shot + Edited by Liam James

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