Kiera Liberati, founder and owner of premium lifestyle brand ‘Liberati’ – a fashion apparel brand with selective flavour, talks VIPER through her authentic journey to becoming one of the most original and sought after tastemakers in the styling industry. 

Being one of the go-to stylists for many notable musicians has been a progressional step in Kiera’s wide-spanning career. Having become a force within the entertainment industry she details moments of her life up to this point and what it takes to become a stand out stylist in 2023. 

Talk us through your journey, how did you get started in the styling industry?
I actually thought I wanted to be a clothing designer. I literally carried a sketchbook with me from seven years old, drawing fashion inspirations. I collected Vogue mags my mum would nick off the plane for me, she was in the cabin crew [laughs]. Then as I began to study it, I realised I prefer the full look; the creative way the shoot can portray a whole theme or look, so I went to uni to study fashion styling with hair and make up. Then I interned and it kind of blew up! 

Did you learn from anyone early in your career, for example assisting established stylists?
I have to be honest, that really was the only thing that helped me learn. Uni is a whole waste of time and money – I was a junior intern at Notion magazine and learnt everything! I left for a while to finish uni, then they asked me to come back as Fashion Director. 

You launched your own clothing line Liberati, what’s been the best experience you’ve had creating garments?
There’s been a whole new learning experience happening, the whole process from the design to finding the manufacturer, the fabric, the sampling process until you’re happy; it’s crazy! It’s made me feel like an intern again [laughs]. It’s stressful but fun, there’s always new things happening. 

What can we expect next from Liberati? 

I expect to see lots of growth, plus a real identity development and a shift in the way people will shop. 

Who are the artists you work with on a regular basis? 

I mostly work across rappers and the more urban – even though I hate that term – music artists: Ghetts, Arrdee, Tion [Wayne], Fredo, etc. 

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