HYPHNT footwear brand represents the modern day creative, hustler, the multifaceted and multi talented. Today they unleash their latest collection, ‘Blanco’, a classic set of all white footwear, promising to effortlessly adapt to all situations and compliment any outfit. 

As with previous collections, Blanco launches in two silhouettes, the Road Runner and the City Walker. Each pair is hand made in Portugal using the finest Italian Suede, leather and Nylon, providing a supreme level of quality and fit. 

The campaign features members from the multi—disciplinary collective VIBBAR, home to a band of creatives across music, style, photography, art and more. 

Launched December last year by Founder Jason Black (aka J2K), HYPHNT is inspired by the cultural movers and path makers that continue to innovate and redefine creative boundaries, qualities often found both in Jason and those in his circle. Following his previous success as co-founder of industry-leading sneaker care brand, Crep Protect, and as a  former member of pioneering grime collective Roll Deep, Jason is no stranger to the sneaker scene and the impact it’s had throughout music history and culture. 

“Our new HYPHNT Blanco collection symbolises a commitment to simplicity, quality and conscious consumption. Quality and multi-functional design are what drives HYPHNT.” says Black.

To celebrate the launch of the Blanco colourway, HYPHNT hosted an exclusive panel discussion and networking event in collaboration with All White No Hype, a content based brand dedicated to promoting simplicity, financial responsibility, and sustainability within the sneaker community. Together, they unveiled  the new collection, showcasing their timeless appeal and versatility.

Visit: https://www.hyphnt.com/
Road Runner – RRP £180.00
City Walker – RRP £180.00

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