Today cult luxury streetwear brand Aries and Malibu rum and coconut flavoured liqueur, announce the launch of their partnership and limited-edition collaboration collection. One which celebrates the hyper-real spirit of an endless summer and captures the unguarded energy of those making the most of now.

In what is viewed as a first between a fashion and a spirits brand, Aries and Malibu – two mainstays of pop culture, unconcerned by the rules of modern life – have embraced AI technology as the facilitator of their shared values of freedom, creativity and self-expression. The result is a suite of AI generated campaign assets – stills and animated graphics – created by Aries’ in-house design and graphics team and AI powerhouse, Omar Karim.

Taking tensions faced around the unknown of AI and blending them with the uninhibited rendering of reality, the assets tell the story of a collection which moves between beach to street and lampoons the silliness of a world which takes itself too seriously. Therefore, embracing the power of what happens when you shake off reality and do whatever tastes good.

The limited-edition merchandise consists of 6 SKUs including two classic short-sleeve Aries tees; one white and one hand-dip-dyed in London, both with the new and original Aries x Malibu logo created in-house. The collection also includes a dip-dyed, branded string vest, hand-sprayed, airbrush trucker cap and an Aries premium varsity jacket emblazoned with hand-embroidered patches. To round off the collaboration the brands have teamed up with London’s very own Milk & Honey to create bespoke Aries x Malibu grillz in crystals and gold.

The collaboration brings to life the fantasy of a blended past, with references pulled across the decades, remixed to create a post-modern ideal of an endless summer.

Commenting on the partnership, Tad Greenough, Global Chief Creative Officer at The Absolut Company states; “Aries has always appealed to me – their ability to subvert norms in a positive way brings a new and refreshing lens on street culture. From the moment we met Sofia and her team, we knew the collaboration was going to be insanely good – they could help us animate the optimism of Malibu in a way we’ve never done before.

The prospect of AI – demonised by some, but something we think has unlimited potential to push creativity forward – was incredibly exciting for both of us. The work itself is a true first for Malibu – in terms of process, and the finished result. There’s no doubt that it was a roller coaster ride, a learning journey. It was fun breaking new ground, and to push the limits of how we express optimism.”

The Aries x Malibu collection ranges in price from £40 to £1,200 and can be purchased exclusively at the Aries flagship Soho store and online at www.ariesarise.com from Wednesday 26th for a limited time only.

AI by Omar Karim, Photography by Douglas Irvine and Film by Dario Vigorito.

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