Does Deyaz sound familiar? We should hope so, because if the name doesn’t already have you checking your socials, then he must be the man responsible for that rollercoaster of a song in your music library. Deyaz, a gifted ‘one band army’ multi-instrumentalist takes the stage exclusively for VIPER as we explore and share the vision of the 23-year-old north Londoner whose hair-raising vocals and emotive lyrics are backed by masterful, self-taught production skills, now reaching fans far beyond the streets of Camden. 

How did you begin making music, and when did the journey start? 

It started with me picking up the guitar at 12 or 13, learning songs from YouTube and by ear, from old CDs. 

As a multi-instrumentalist, how could you describe your musical mission? 

My mission is to simply put out the best music I can and to keep building a family with my fans. 

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Creative Direction: TJ SAWYERR + ISAAC LAMB
Photography + Art Direction: ISAAC LAMB 

Fashion Director & Styling: JAMES LOACH 

First Assistant: OTTO SANER 



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