Blurring the lines of alt R&B and Afrobeats, budding-sensation, JayO, is well on the way to establishing himself as a one to watch in 2023. We caught up with him for a quick interview to talk inspiration and career goals…

Where are you from? 

Tottenham, North London. 

When did you realise music was the career path for you? 

From age 11, watching a lot of music culture back then influenced me as well as growing up with my producer RZ. We grew up in Tottenham, which is a multicultural place. 

What is the mood you wish your music to inspire? 

I make music for people to feel good all the time.

You have become a sort of sensation and vibe within the scene. As in, someone who’s music is making heads turn. How has the evolving reception been for you to your work in recent years? 

Over the years its always been a ‘wait your turn’ moment and now its my turn. But I’m going to show everyone how dynamic I am.

What do you have in store for 2023? Can we expect an EP? More videos?

I’d rather not spoil the surprise. But you can definitely expect something different! But of course more singles and an EP. 

If you had to present a holy trinity of JayO’s artistry and or existence, what are the three foundational things that made you who you are today?

  1. Consistency
  2. Fun 
  3. Exploring

If you could work with three artists of the past or present, who would they be?

Drake, rema, PND 

I feel so many genres intertwined with your music. I can highlight Rap, R&B, Dancehall, Afrobeats and even streaks of contemporary Jazz and Lo-Fi beats. But who are your favourite artists? What is your favourite type of sound? 

I like a lot of sounds. RNB, Hip Hop, Afro, dancehall. Sometimes I make music in one of the genres. Sometimes my music falls into all of the genres

What is the end goal for JayO? What is the space you wish to see yourself in eventually?

I like to think big so there is no specific end goal. The plan is to keep rising and turning childhood dreams into reality, following the footsteps of icons. One day, ill be heard and seen all over the world. 

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