We’ve rounded up some of the best projects to drop in the past week, what are you checking out first?

Lil Uzi Vert – ‘Pink Tape’

Bandokay – ‘M.A.R.K’

Curren$y x Harry Fraud – ‘Vices’

Amaria BB – ‘’

Ninho – ’NI’

Ragz Originale ‘Bare Sugar

Young Thug – ‘Business Is Business (Metro’s Version)’

Rylo Rodriguez – ‘Been One’

Veeze – ‘Ganger’

Father – ‘Hu$band’

Q Da Fool – ‘Home Detention’

Kota The Friend – ‘Protea’

Alchemist – ‘Flying High’

Dan Drizzy – ‘Polygamous Entity’

Phaemous x DJames – ‘Boundaries’

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