Finesse Foreva was founded by childhood friends SK, TK and JB (aka JB Made IT) 5 years ago. Who would’ve thought that a business plan drawn up after a night of hip hop karaoke, would have been a catalyst for the creation of an ever-growing musical legacy? The industry has changed a lot over the course of five years with the growth of streaming platforms, the rising level of importance for new social platforms such as TikTok and the constant development of new marketing tactics however Finesse Foreva have adapted with ease. 

Finesse Foreva have always been concerned with the best interests of those at the forefront of the UK Drill genre and shining a positive light on the talented rappers and producers within it. Pushing through the critique and negative opinions on UK drill, the Finesse Foreva trio sold out 2 tours with one of their first signings Skengdo x AM within the space of 12 months. The company also had their hand in several memorable cultural moments including IVD’s ‘Rumours’ and ‘Keisha & Becky’. 

Despite the pandemic shaking the world and grinding everything to a halt, Finesse Foreva continued to believe in everything they had built and kept pushing which led to another momentous occasion. In May, 2020 Drake’s ‘Demons’ ft Fivio Foreign and Sosa Geek debuted at No.34 on the Billboard Hot 100. The track was not only produced by JB Made It but also A&R’d by Finesse Foreva themselves. With their momentum back, what followed would go down in history. 2021 marked the first UK Drill number 1- Tion Wayne and the label’s very own Russ Millions’ single ‘Body’. It has been all about expansion ever since for Finesse Foreva with them further entrenching themselves into the community by collaborating with their local college and opening up their roster with the addition of R&B singer Indie Amoi. The Croydon based label and management company now boasts three studios as well as their own production and A&R teams. 

Next Friday July 7th Finesse Foreva celebrate all of their achievements with their 5 year anniversary party at POW Brixton. The celebration will see some special guest performances and DJ sets from DJ Emz, DJ Teeshow, Yaz La Mode and DJ Scarta. The event is sponsored by Sync Vault, PRS for Music, Mixtape Madness and New Age Vision. The first half is a private event where Finesse Foreva will celebrate with their team and industry peers. From 11pm the after party will kick off where people can grab tickets to come and celebrate with the Finesse Foreva family. Limited tickets are available here.

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