Pace is a contemporary menswear brand at the forefront of Brazilian streetwear, founded in Sao Paulo by Brazilian-Japanese Felipe Matayoshi and rooted in this heritage and culture. The Pace (meaning “rhythm”) Spring Summer 2024 collection “Sustenido e Bemol Explorer” (Sharp and Flat Explorer in Portuguese) deeply explores this intersectionality inspired by the concept of inharmony in music in which different notes produce the same sound – two things which are one. 

Functionality is central to Matayoshi’s philosophy and Pace seamlessly blends form and function to enhance the experience and deliver the best solution to addressing human needs while embracing contemporary aesthetics and innovation through design. Function manifests under this season’s spirit of duality through the contrast and comparison of industry and ergonomics, expressed through the mid-space between workwear designed for transit in urban versus natural environments.

Pace embraces the brand’s heritage on the most fundamental level and sources natural-fibers fabrics in Brazil, with technical fabrics and fastenings from Japan. Rooted in Sao Paulo, Pace employs local manufacturing from across the metro and the surrounding area alongside strategic locations in Rio Grande do Sul and Curitiba. This commitment to aligning story and substance to produce high-quality, relatable streetwear has led to collaborations with some of the world’s biggest brands including Vibram, Budweiser, Victorinox, and Vans, and distribution in more than 40 stores in Brazil, and a growing international retail map.

Founder and Creative Director Felipe Matayoshi is the grandson of the first generation of Japanese people from the island of Okinawa in Brazil, home to the largest Japanese community outside of Japan. This deep connection to his Okinawan ancestry is part of Pace’s DNA, as it continues to break through the international streetwear scene as the singular Brazilian/Okinawan player on the global markets.

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