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Amsterdam-based contemporary menswear brand, Flaneur its releasing its new Spring-Summer 2024 collection, ‘Passage of Time’, unveiling an engaging narrative of life’s transient beauty. Drawing inspiration from the wandering gaze of a Flâneur, the collection embraces urban exploration, creating a symphony of sartorial elegance that mirrors the pulse of city life and the fleeting nature of time.

Traditionally the flâneur represents a male figure and urban lifestyle, a symbol of modernity and afluence, an urban wanderer in between the dense walls of modern civilisation. Coming from Parisian streets in the 19th century, the flâneur became an important western symbol for scholars, artists, and writers.

Picking up from where it was dropped, Flâneur’s revives this philosophy by painting timeless pictures of contemporary urban lifestyle, with collections such as SS24 ranging from high-end, premium fabric coats to stylish denim pieces, representing the brand dedication to quality and refinement. Tailoring stands tall through oversized double-breasted blazers, wool overcoats, relaxed trousers and hybrid suiting.

In essence, the “Passage of Time” collection is an ode to the fleeting beauty of existence, encapsulating life’s ephemeral moments in its wearable narrative. It encourages a mindful exploration of urban life and its intertwined dichotomies, compelling the wearer to fully embrace and appreciate their personal journey through the passage of time.

The collection is available for re-sees during Paris Fashion Week mens from June 21st to 27t

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