DAILY PAPER X SUPER73 Unveil their Exclusive Custom Designed Bike…

Daily Paper has teamed up with Super73 to create an iconic collaboration inspired by the unique biking culture of Amsterdam. This exciting partnership seamlessly blends streetwear style and adventurous spirit, inspiring the creation of five limited edition custom ZX models that perfectly capture Super73’s design with Daily Paper’s aesthetic, delivering a futuristic statement and experience.  

The collaboration showcases a custom paint job created with Daily Paper Vibrant colors are used to accentuate the frame’s design, resulting in a limited-edition work of art. This collection features a custom front rack with a cargo crate painted to seamlessly blend with the green of the battery, creating a cohesive design. The five limited edition custom ZX’s come with Trooper street tires made that feature a hybrid micro tread designed for efficient rolling velocity. With good handling on the street, this retro-influenced tire is built to tackle the urban landscape with good wear over time.

The limited-edition custom collection of bikes not only offer exceptional performance and functionality but also embody a distinct sense of style and design, reflecting the essence of both brands. This collaboration showcases the boundless creativity and innovation that arises when the worlds of fashion and e-mobility collide, providing riders with a prestige experience.

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