PARLEZ team up with Madrid based sneaker and lifestyle brand POMPEII, to create ‘The Tourist – Postcards from Benidorm’ capsule collection…

PARLEZ, renowned for their distinct dockside essence, and POMPEII, deeply rooted in Spanish heritage, have joined forces in a collaboration that pays tribute to the allure of menswear and 80’s charm. This unique partnership brings together two distinct cultures, showcasing a fusion of styles that reminisces a period when aesthetics held an unparalleled cultural presence.

The collaboration introduces a thoughtfully curated collection that encapsulates the essence of both brands. The range includes two footwear options, one drawing inspiration from the iconic basketball sneakers of the 80’s and a classic canvas deck shoe.

Complementing the footwear, the collection features three graphic t-shirt options and a lightweight cotton Cuban shirt, perfect for embracing the warm summer months with its breezy comfort. Additionally, eco-conscious consumers will appreciate the inclusion of recycled swim trunks, offering both style and sustainability. A meticulously crafted 5-panel cap in a nautical stripe completes the ensemble. featuring an adjustable strap and embroidered eyelets for a breathable fit.

Embarking on a sartorial journey, The PARLEZ and POMPEII collaboration exemplifies the art of merging diverse influences, resulting in a collection that seamlessly blends nautical heritage, Spanish roots, and the timeless appeal of the 80’s.

£35 – £110

PARLEZ x POMPEII is available online at parlez.co.uk

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