Last week dynamic R&B sensation, Ari Lennox, graced the stage at Eventim Apollo for two nights in a performance that left the audience captivated and craving more. Here are the five best moments…

1: The second Ari hit the stage.

Ari Lennox drifted onto the stage so gracefully that as soon as she hit the first note on her opening track, she poured out a magnetic energy that instantly hooked the crowd. With her dazzling smile and contagious laughter, she effortlessly connected with her fans, making them feel like old friends. Her banter between songs created an intimate atmosphere, turning the show into an exclusive hangout.

2: Seeing the details in the stage design

Ari’s sass, confidence and undeniable sex appeal were in full swing throughout the performance. Each song she sang was laced with her signature attitude, showing off her two sides between vulnerability and empowerment. Her vocal range effortlessly danced between silky smooth tones and powerful belting, leaving the audience in awe of her incredible talent. The stage design was absolutely stunning, especially because you could tell it was well planned to enhance the overall experience. Moody lighting and intricate set pieces created a dreamy atmosphere that perfectly matched up with Ari’s soulful sound. Every little detail was thoughtfully considered, making the performance truly immersive for all the senses.

3: The band’s harmonising 

One of the standout moments of the night was her predominantly female band. The talented musicians not only showcased their impressive skills but they brought their A-game, syncing their rhythms and harmonies perfectly with Ari’s vocals, leaving a mind-blowing synergy that elevated the entire performance.

4: When she performed tracks from ‘Shea Butter Baby’

As the night went on, Ari gave the crowd what they wanted with her hit singles ‘Waste My Time’ and ‘Boy Bye’ from her latest album, Age/Sex/Location. She even took it back to her ‘Shea Butter Baby’ days, with the tracks that put her on the map. The carefully curated set-list triggered so much excitement and had the entire audience singing along at the top of their voices. The energy that filled the venue created an electric atmosphere that stuck long after the show ended.

5: The climax of the show

Ari Lennox’s R&B show at Eventim Apollo was an absolute masterclass in artistry and stage presence. Her infectious humour, fierce sass and undeniable elegance took command of the stage, leaving a mark on everyone lucky enough to witness it. From her talented band to the beautiful stage design, every part of the performance showed that she was committed to delivering an unforgettable experience. There’s no doubt that Ari Lennox is an unstoppable force in the music industry, and her R&B show was a shining testament to her talent and star power.


Photos & words by Oray

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