British menswear brand Percival have returned with a High Summer, ‘Foragers’ collection. The nostalgic new range is inspired by the abundance of plants typically found in a British garden in summertime, as the brand showcases their playful ethos throughout the collection.

Offering a range of styles and colourways that perfectly encapsulate the high season, the Foragers collection is demonstrative of Percival’s attention to detail across their designs. The embroidery detailing features a plethora of different plants and animals associated with summer foraging, including a truffle pig, mushrooms, and nettles. The checkerboard shirt is reminiscent of vintage kitchen tiling, and the backsplashes that inevitably leave their mark. 

Moreover, the embroideries on the overshirts in the collection continue on the inside of the pockets, representing the search and uncovering necessary in the activity of foraging. The plant graphics complement the colourways of the collection whilst simultaneously offering a focal point to each piece, especially evident with the nettle embroidery on the back of the overshirt. 

The collection will be available both in store and online from Thursday 18th May.

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