UK Converse All Star Navinder Nangla releases two limited edition t-shirts as part of the inaugural Converse City Tees initiative, which serves as a canvas for creative progress and helps unlock creativity by highlighting and supporting young creative talent who will design a bespoke t-shirt, available to buy exclusively on converse.com.

Navinder, who has worked with Converse on various creative projects and most recently featured in the Create Now, Create Next campaign, will launch his design on 11th May at a pop-up moment in London’s Soho with a live graffiti installation by Navinder at a store front where his limited edition designed t-shirt will be on display and available to buy via QR code.

City Tees is part of the ongoing Converse All Star program, a robust community-focused ecosystem, of mentorship, commissions and funding as Converse aims to create more opportunities for emerging creatives around the world.

Converse x City Tees by Navinder Nangla launches exclusively on converse.com on 11.05


Nav is a multi-hyphenate creative. Designing, styling and art all come naturally to him. He first gained awareness from Converse and the community during lockdown by designing a custom Chuck as part of the Converse Create At Home campaign. He has gone on to feature in a series of Converse projects including the Global Create Now, Create Next campaign.

An artist, designer and stylist, Navinder Nangla utilises the mediums of art and fashion to convey his unique language and interpretations of the world he inhabits. His recent work, titled “fassion langwitch,” is both poignant and bold, serving as a means of expression and demonstrating that his dyslexia does not define him. Using the streets of London, Paris, South Korea, and beyond as his canvases, Nav is reaching audiences far and wide, with individuals such as Michelle Lamby, Rankin, Kris Van Assche, Julia Hobbs, Mia Khalifa and many more sharing his latest work on social media.

With his trio of expertise, Nav bridges the worlds of art, fashion, and music, all of which are areas where he is becoming increasingly present and that are contributing to his overall growth. This growth will continue as Nav now looks to set his sights on a debut exhibition later this year alongside bigger goals, which include setting up a creative dyslexic charity.

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