On Friday Nines released his highly anticipated fourth album ‘Crop Circle 2’ which arrived to much applaud by both fans and critics alike, the album is currently poised to have three singles enter the UK Top 40 chart including ‘Tony Soprano 2’, ‘Calendar’ and ‘Highly Blessed’ and earning him his fourth Top five album, following his #1 album Crabs In A Bucket in 2020.

Today Nines releases the third video from the album for ‘Different League’ featuring Clavish and Nafe Smalls. Alongside this Nines also drops the sequel to his critically acclaimed 26-minute directorial debut, the short film Crop Circle. Once again directed, produced and starring Nines himself, the official Crop Circle 2 film premiered last week at Curzon Mayfair.

Crop Circle 2’ sees the revered North West London rapper enlist the likes of Potter PayperWretch 32, M Hucho and frequent collaborator Tiggs Da Author on the sequel to the bestselling UK rap album of 2018 album ‘Crop Circle’. Executively produced by Show N Prove and Karlos, the 15-track project sees Nines delve deeper into his acclaimed storytelling abilities.

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