Get to know Philly rapper Shawn Smith on a deeper level via his VIPER interview…

Five words to define my sound are: free, authentic, innovative, soulful and artistic.

What’s unique about my process is I literally have to be around people I trust for me to feel all the way comfortable.

A song of mine I would love someone to hear first would probably be Chain Gang. It represents where I’m from and what I’m on as of now as an artist.

The underground rap scene of Philly inspired me to make that song – this era of Hip Hop inspired me to even pick up a pen so I felt really at home.

The most vulnerable I’ve allowed myself to be while making music is when I actually make music to how I’m feeling at that very moment. When I’m actually freestyling and not writing – that usually gives me a chance to be completely vulnerable as opposed to trying to go for a certain type of track.

They best experience I had on stage would probably be any one of my countless Philly shows where I can see the supporters mouthing word for word. A bad show I experience would probably be me falling [laughs] twice at a show I did in Aston, PA at an ice skating rink. That was probably around 2011 but unforgettable.

My favourite song of mine to perform at the moment is ‘Thorn In The Wild’. People really enjoy the smoothness and vulnerability in that song. Plus my guy Che killed the hook and Dilemma bodied the beat.

Kanye West’s ‘College Dropout’ mixtape before the album made me want to start rapping. That and Philly Rap DVDs.

Shawn Smith is my name.

If I wasn’t making music, I would definitely be a film director, a physical artist or a psychologist. I love studying people and life.

Finding God forced me to change direction. It helped me find a purpose that served greater than achieving things for solely myself.

To keep in touch with me, play my music everyday. Keep me in good spirits and connection by appreciating the art that we put out without expectations. Follow me on all socials platforms @ShawnSmithStory but even  more important – walk the journey of “SINK OR SWIM” (our motto) in your daily lifestyle and without a doubt; we will cross paths. Because that’s how destiny works.


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