Cat Footwear’s iconic ‘Intruder’ created using Piñatex®, a plant based and natural leather alternative...

Cat Footwear’s Eco Intruder has been created using Piñatex®, an animal free, pineapple based material is a byproduct of existing agriculture. No extra land, water or pesticides are required to make the raw material and as an added benefit, the use creates an additional income stream for farming communities. Piñatex® is ethically sourced and more sustainable than conventional materials or other traditional vegan leather alternatives derived from plastic, such as PU or PVC.

By partnering with Piñatex® Cat Footwear have not compromised on quality as the material is high performance, water resistant and lightweight, so you can expect the same durability.

About Piñatex

Piñatex® is a natural textile, made of fibres from the waste leaves of the pineapple plant. These leaves are a by-product of the existing pineapple harvest, which means that the raw material requires no additional environmental resources to be produced. Piñatex is made of up to 95% renewable resources. Piñatex is a PETA approved vegan textile and REACH compliant, certifying that its production is free from harmful chemicals. Ananas Anam, the maker of Piñatex®, is a Certified B Corporation®.

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