On April 2nd, Broken Planet, one of the most exciting and innovative sustainable streetwear brands on the market, will be restocking some of their most sought-after items on their website at 8pm. The restock will include four hoodies, two t-shirts, and matching sweatpants. The ‘So Many Planets’ and ‘Madness Never Ends’ hoodies, which were originally launched in the early months of 2022, will now be restocked in Broken Planet’s new 520 GSM weight. Additionally, the ‘Madness Never Ends‘ and ‘Hidden in the Dark‘ t-shirts will be released in their updated weight of 260 GSM.

Broken Planet’s Halloween-inspired collection, Dark Hours, has been a huge success in both 2021 and 2022. As part of the restock, the brand will be bringing back the Spider Zip and Out Of The Shadows hoodies in the Soot Black colorway, which were originally part of the Dark Hours collection. In addition, the rest of the items being restocked will include the Stone Grey and Sapphire Blue colorways, as well as Onyx Black.

To showcase their iconic hoodies, the brand’s team returned to their hometown of London to shoot the latest campaign in a paparazzi fashion. They enlisted the help of photographers, security personnel, and ‘celebrity’ models to portray their products

Broken Planet is on a mission to become a trailblazer in sustainable fashion by using recycled materials and environmentally conscious production methods. With many plans for the summer, the brand wants to give both old and new followers a chance to buy these highly requested pieces before the summer! The restocked items will be available for purchase on Sunday, April 2nd at 8pm UK time.

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